• LOVE it, what a beautiful trailer, i CANNOT wait to watch the whole thing! Next time i’m there please, along with a bottle of vino and def tissues! Love you xxx

  • OMG I just watched it and started tearing ( at work..LOL)…. it looks amazing the trailer def would not min watching the whole one too 馃檪 See you soon xx

  • Ohhh hun it’s amazing!! So well filmed and I love how it’s a sneak peak and just leaves you wanting more haha! How cute is Harry and Martha in it 馃檪 xx

  • This is fantastic hun!!! What a beautiful day you had!! Can’t wait to watch the whole thing! Miss you xo

  • That looks so good! Martha and I have just watched it twice and now she’s crying because she wants to watch it again x

  • Just watched it at work, I’m crying at my desk, its just so lovely and really reflected a beautiful day x

  • Wow Laura so lovely to see a bit of your wedding, you looked stunning and so happy, congratulations again xxx

  • It’s just amazing had tears and goosebumps, can’t WAIT to see the whole thing!!!! Back tues-thurs this week,when’s good for u?! Xxx

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