• We just watched it!!!!!

    Thank you, thank you, thank you a million times more- can’t stop watching it now!!!!!

    It is absolutely perfect and made us cry with happy tears and wonderful memories of the day, we want more!! Thank you so much Richard, it is a great big bundle of joy in 6 minutes. Perfect. Thank you xx

  • Ah u guys are too cute. Brought a little tear to my eye. What an amazing day it was xxx

  • Amazing Ali totally amazing ,looked like the most perfect day and of course you looked stunning !!! Xxx

  • Wow! That’s so nice. Really great day too!
    I’m so glad I watched it at work do my boss can see my weeping at my desk. X

  • Wow thoroughly enjoyed this Ali! This has to be the best wedding video i have seen, even if it is just a 6min film. Absolute pure joy and happiness. Few happy tears here x

  • Wow! Richard your work is outstanding. What a beautiful video for a beautiful couple.

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