Wedding Videographer Portugal

Why hire a wedding videographer?

Modern wedding videography is more than just an uncle stood in the corner with a camcorder; it is a form of art. By hiring a professional wedding videography service such as White Dress Films, you will have a high quality and well edited video, allowing you to revisit your memories again and again.

Why choose White Dress Films?

White Dress Films are based in Hertfordshire and have a great deal of experience not just working in the UK, but at destination weddings too. When booking your dream destination wedding in the Algarve, it is perhaps even more important to book a high quality wedding videographer so that those who can’t make it can still feel a part of the action.

What to expect

When thinking about important moments, the wedding ceremony, speeches and first dance may spring to mind, but there is much more to wedding videography than this. A skilled videographer knows where and when to look for those magic, unrehearsed moments, such as your mother’s tears of joy or your father’s attempt at dancing. This results in a video that truly captures the emotions of the day.

As well as capturing the emotion, it is also important to capture the atmosphere. As White Dress Films are well experienced when it comes to destination weddings, they know just where to look to find the scenic shots in and around your wedding venue in Algarve, which will really bring your wedding video to life, and your memories flooding back every time you watch.

Why get married in Algarve?

Algarve is popular for destination weddings due to its beautiful coastline and warm climate. Unlike the UK, warm weather is virtually guaranteed all year round, so it is ideal if you have always dreamed of an outdoors wedding. It also offers the opportunity to have a wedding that is truly unique to you – with plenty of venues to pick from, you can find a venue that none of your guests have ever visited before, let alone been to a wedding at before.

Algarve offers the opportunity for a beach wedding set to some fantastic backdrops, and is incredibly easy to get to. It is far enough away to have much better weather than the UK, yet near enough that busy guests can still attend without having to take too much time off work. There is no time difference to adapt to, and flights are generally quite affordable.


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